Hello, WordPress!

28 Oct

Well hello there!

I have become a grown up and discovered wordpress. I have my own domain and everything.

When will the wonders cease??

Please excuse me as I attempt to understand the unholy workings of teh intraw3bs. I’m currently experimenting with plugins and trying not to look too amateurish. So far okay! There’s a lot to learn and play with and I’m sure I’ll tragically destroy some things along the way (prepare for fist-shaking). But no worries. Stick around and look forward to all of the great content that I’ll post once I have half an idea how to post content at all ; )

So far, I’ve updated my CAPTIVE MAGIC tab with a teaser summary and Violet’s random-tastic playlist. Mind you, she picked the songs, not me!

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by : )


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