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Friday Five–5 Favorite YA Fantasies of ALL TIME

5 Jul

I can’t be expected to pick five single books, so most of these are an entire series. That makes it easier to limit my choices!


5. Abhorsen Series–Garth Nix


4. Immortals Series–Tamora Pierce


3. His Dark Materials–Phillip Pullman


2. A Tale of Time City–Dianna Wynne Jones

Alanna Series

1. Song of the Lioiness–Tamora Pierce


The Great Purge of 2012

2 Feb

I don’t want to get rid of books…there’s a reason I’ve hauled them from city to city for the past fifteen years. My pack-rat instinct aside, it’s time to streamline and NOT pay to store them while I’m living in Taiwan.

It’s painful, but this is only a fraction of my shelf. The epic fantasies have been hit the hardest. I loved Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind when I was younger, but when will I have the time to re-read such long long sagas? Sorry, book friends.

Maybe this is an argument for e-readers. All the books on my i-pad get to come on the plane.

If I don’t have a breakdown, I’ll add more to the pile. I can’t bear to get rid of the Anne McCaffrey or Tamora Pierce, and the Harry Potters aren’t going anywhere. It’s love versus space.

Either way, it’s freeing not to be so cluttered, and I know the local library will appreciate some donations. Just ignore my weeping.