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SECRETS AND SHADOWS release day with author Shannon Delany

14 Feb

Shannon Delany dropped by YALitchat.org to share how she’ll be celebrating the book birthday for her second novel SECRETS AND SHADOWS. If you can’t stop by her release party at The Green Toad (in Oneonta, NY) please drop by #yalitchat on twitter on 2/23. Shannon obtained her contract for 13 TO LIFE after it was serialized as a cell phone novel and will be chatting with us on non-traditional paths to traditional publishing deals.


I’d love to say that on the day of my second novel’s release (2/15) I’ll wake up late in a stylish hotel, have a mani-pedi, get my hair done and have a limo pick me up to take me to an ultra-swanky book release party where I’ll be mobbed by fans, sell and sign a gazillion copies of both 13 to Life AND Secrets and Shadows and conclude my day sipping champagne and having a massage. Or—maybe I could wake up late in a beach bungalow on a tropical island, mani-pedi, hair, limo, swanky party, champagne and massage from some cabana boy (hey, why not?). But (considering I’m an author of werewolves) I’m quite the realist. And I live on a farm in upstate New York.
So here’s how the 15th will probably go:
6:20 am—Wake up, dress, make breakfast, pack lunches for the resident males.
6:45 am—Check the weather forecast.
6:50 am—Panic because there’s always weather of some sort.
7:00 am—Tweet and FB about panic—erm—book release.
7:30 am—Last of the resident males departs, start farm chores.
7:40 am—Remember to carry the heavy shepherd’s crook into the sheep pasture as the ram has recently been, well, rammy and being mauled by heritage livestock is not on my to-do list. Ever.
8:30 am—Check emails, Twitter and Facebook. Do not check Amazon.com ranks or recent Bookscan numbers as they are the devil’s handmaidens.
8:45 am—Worry about the party at The Green Toad in Oneonta, NY at 7 pm. Check to make sure all the swag and stuff I’m responsible for is ready to go.
8:50 am—Contemplate packing the car well in advance.
8:55 am—Grumble about the car being filthy due to salt and snow and slush and mud and the fact I have at least one more February book release to survive. Swear that somehow contracts will next include a non-winter release clause.
8:57 am—Sigh because although I may have a cover clause in my contract, the power of release date control is still beyond my grasp.
9:00 am—Call to check on cake and other aspects of party at The Green Toad.
10:00 am—Do my own nails and try not to touch anything as they dry (this is more difficult than many may imagine as I don’t sit still happily—or often).
11:00 am—Call a favorite CP to vent and panic and spaz about something book-related.
11:30 am—Call a resident male to do the same as above.
11:45 am—Avoid calling a favorite beta to also freak remembering that betas have lives, too.
11:46 am—Sigh at the sheer audacity of betas having lives on the day of my book release. How. Dare. They.
11:48 am—Remember how awesome and helpful betas are in the success of my books. Forgive them for having lives of their own. They can’t be perfect, after all.
12:00 pm—Pace in circles before remembering doing my exercise routine probably burns more calories (although on a release day it’s a toss-up).
12:05 pm—Decide to try and exercise away some of my stress.
12:06 pm—Realize that for some god-forsaken reason a woman with my IQ still is incapable of getting the Wii to work.
12:07 pm—Resign myself to working out on the Gazelle.
12:30 pm—Feel really good about my workout. I. Am. A. Machine!
12:31 pm—Realize I’m now sweaty and gross-smelling and I have a book birthday party to get ready for.
12:32 pm—Hit the shower and use that Stress Relief stuff I got from Bath and Body Works. Contemplate just soaking in the stuff to see if it’ll really work under such fierce conditions.
12:50 pm—Vaguely notice that time has seemed to fold and unfold.
3:00 pm—Note with terror the bizarre loss of time.
3:15 pm—One resident male returns home.
3:20 pm—Focus resident male on homework.
3:21 pm—Mentally grumble about the fact resident male has homework on day of my book release. Don’t his teachers have any respect for my schedule?!
3:22 pm—Gasp aloud remembering I was once a teacher and still believe that a good education needs to come first in everyone’s life.
4:15 pm—Second resident male returns.
4:20 pm—Babble incoherently about everything that happened so far today and about my fears and paranoia…
4:23 pm—Get a sympathy hug.
6:00 pm—Pick up cake for the Book Birthday Party.
6:45 pm—Try Tweeting about Book Birthday Party at The Green Toad.
6:46 pm—Curse inventively because my Blackberry won’t allow me to Tweet.
6:47 pm—Fumble for the alternate cell phone in order to Tweet.
6:49 pm—Misspell several things in Tweet.
6:50 pm—Try Tweeting again.
6:51 pm—Tweet successfully.
7:00 pm—The Book Birthday Party at The Green Toad begins.
7:01 pm—Feel utter amazement that anyone actually showed up to my second book signing at The Green Toad. They like me. They really, really like me.
7:03 pm—Wonder how many of them may think they’re related to me or feel some strange sense of obligation to support me.
7:04 pm—Feel huge amounts of love for everyone in attendance—tempered with nagging fear they’ll all hate Secrets and Shadows.
7:05 pm—Talk about stuff—books, path to publication, the fact I brought Pietr along and he’s pretty…
7:10 pm—Try to keep from rambling.
7:15 pm—Realize rambling was inevitable as I am biologically related to my father AND a previous social studies teacher—the dreaded double whammy!
7:18 pm—Shut up and let people actually buy books, get swag party bags and have their books signed.
7:20 pm—Encourage everyone to eat cake. For heaven’s sake! I can’t take it all home with me—I’ll just pack back on the fifty-plus pounds I lost after the release of 13 to Life in June.
8:00 pm—The Book Birthday Party at The Green Toad wraps up.
8:05 pm—Ask how I can help clean up the mess I’m inevitably responsible for making.
8:06 pm—Get shooed away by The Green Toad staff because they’re really polite and professional and…
8:07 pm—Feel immense love for The Green Toad.
8:08 pm—Manage to help clean up something on the sly.
8:15 pm—High-five Pietr (Do Russian-American werewolves high-five? Shouldn’t I know this?), climb into the car and, realizing there’s no champagne at home—nor a cabana boy—not even a cabana! Make note of obvious oversight!) contemplate stopping someplace to find out if boxed wine really is as good as some people say.
8:17 pm—Decide not to follow that train of thought to the liquor store as it will inevitably make me seem like a lush, but instead head home, have a really nice hot cocoa and beg someone for a backrub.
9:30 pm—Go to sleep realizing this madness all repeats again in six months with the release of Bargains and Betrayals on 8/16/11.
9:40 pm—Roll out of bed to keep hammering away at Book 4 because time is short and werewolves don’t write themselves. Slackers.


Shannon Delany is the author of the 13 to Life series which debuted in June 2010. Her novels release approximately every six months which keeps her hopping. You can find out more about Shannon online at www.ShannonDelany.com or on Facebook or Goodreads or www.Twitter.com/Shannon_Delany . She’s all over the place (and on a book release day that’s especially true)!


Werewolf + Waistcoat + Sandwich = Awesome…Review of Gail Carriger’s SOULLESS

20 Jan

Just finished and loved Gail Carriger’s SOULLESS. In general I’m not much of a historical reader, but Gail’s series was recommended to me and I was drawn in by the US cover copy.

SOULLESS: A novel of vampires, werewolves, and parasols.

Who doesn’t love a parasol? My love for the book was further confirmed on p16:

Professor Lyall, unobserved by the other two, was busy fishing about in his waistcoat for something. Eventually, he produced a mildly beaten-up ham and pickle sandwich wrapped in a bit of brown paper. He presented it to Miss Tarabotti, ever the gallant.

Under normal circumstances, Alexia would have been put off by the disreputable state of the sandwich, but it was meant so kindly and offered with such diffidence, she could do nothing but accept. It was actually rather tasty.

Reasons this passage is awesome:

1. Lyall is a werewolf in a waistcoat

2. There’s a sandwich in said werewolf’s waistcoat

3. It’s ham and pickle…and actually rather tasty!

The whole novel is an excellent lesson in voice for any beginning writer and does a phenomenal job melding history and the paranormal. The heroine, Alexia, is strong yet realistic and there’s plenty of sizzling romantic conflict between her and werewolf Lord Maccon.

A must read for lovers of urban fantasy, parasols, and sandwiches.

SOULLESS is the first of five books in the Parasol Protectorate Series: SOULLESS, BLAMELESS, CHANGELESS, HEARTLESS (July 2011), and TIMELESS (TBA)