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Home Sweet Desk

5 Feb

In celebration of having cleaned my desk enough for it to be functional again, I thought I’d share my workspace with all of you in the blogosphere:

As you can see, I’m diligently working on CAPTIVE MAGIC revisions. This is my home. I’ve got Supermassive Black Hole Radio playing on Pandora for iPad, some handy snacks, and lots of things that inspire me.

Some other points of interest:

1. My word-a-day calendar has not moved since May 6th, 2010. The word is minatory. Minatory: having a menacing quality; threatening. I like this word.

2. My wall calendar has not moved since August, 2010. (Perhaps 1 & 2 explain why I struggle to make deadlines. I never know what day it is)

3. In order to be productive, my desk must be tidy but surrounded with things that provide motivation. I have cards from friends, pictures of my godson and past trips, a few story notes, and the all-important List Of Deadlines.

Now that I’ve recalled all of those looming deadlines (and the actual date) it’s back to writing!